Amircan City Pack

  • American City Pack

This is a huge construction pack of New York City-Brooklyn Style highly detailed buildings,streets and props.With this package you can create your American style town in a few minutes.Also this package optimized for mobile devices.
– 15 different Brooklyn style home.Each home has 5 different textures(UV Mapped) and Emission(light) textures for night scenes.Also Each home has LODs Groups.its best for mobile devices.
-All homes seperated by modular floors and its LODs also seperated.So you can build a lot kind of buildings.Package also includes premade buildings with single mesh and they are ready to use with their own materials.
-Subway Train and Railways with LODs
-5 workshop with different textures.
-2 Highrises Buildings.They have LODs group and emission textures for night scenes.
-Empire State Building “ESB”.It has real dimensions ,LODs and emission texture.
-Lots of street and building props (walls,signboards,fences,electricity ….)
-Lots of road parts.They have PBR Materials.(Occlusion,Height,Normal )textures.
-Demo Scene included.